Review of Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate Fitness Wristband

Today’s kids are more addicted to playing computer games than playing outside or performing physical activities. There are many equipments like kids activity tracker available on the market that will be ideal for your kid, the Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate + Fitness Wristband, Black, Large (US Version) being one of them. Explore more about this kids fitness tracker in the review below:

Fitbit Charge Activity Tracker tracking

  • This instrument will help you to measure your calories in a better way. It is a PurePulse continuous tracker that involves wrist-based tracking throughout the day.
  • There are different simplified zones of heart rate- cardio, peak and fat burn. In the cardio zone, the heart rate of the subject is 70-84% of that of the maximum. The medium and high-intensity exercises are featured in this zone. If you are willing to exert yourself without putting too much of stress on your heart, then you should perform your workout within this range.
    Just as suggested by the name, in this zone, the heart rate is 85% of that of maximum, and the high-intensity exercises are all performed within this range. In the Fat Burn Zone, the heart rate is about 50-69% of that of the maximum.
  • Fitbit Charge Activity Tracker features
  • This kids activity tracker is featured by an OLED display where you will be able to find the different text, call and calendar details to be displayed. There is also a silent vibration feature that will alert you when you need to sleep or get up. All these will help you to keep your phone aside and concentrate on your fitness goals in a better way.
  • You can even connect this GPS kid tracker smart wristwatch to a GPS while you are running so that you may keep track of the parameters like speed and distance while running.
  • With this kids fitness watch, you will be able to keep track of your performances and will be able to improve the same with time. It will help you to track your calorie burn, maximize your workouts and also understand your health better.
  • It even offers you guided personalized breathing sessions where you can relax and find your moments of calm from your real-time heart rate.
  • Along with providing all these useful features, the tracker also keeps aesthetics into account. It comes with certain Luxe and Classic accessories and interchangeable bands so that you might give it the look of your choice and ensure that it complements your outfits well.


  • Can be connected to GPS
  • Call, text and date are displayed on OLED in this kids activity tracker
  • Can help you to perform exercises in different zones like Fat Burn Zone, Peak Zone and Cardio Zone
  • There is an alarm that you can use and keep your phone aside
  • It has a decent and stylish look and comes with interchangeable bands


  • Due to the sweat build-up below the sensor, it may not always be able to read your pulse.

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