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Fitness freaks are always on the lookout for reliable gadgets that help record the effectiveness of daily workouts. However, with the Cellay activity tracker, you get more than just that. It also doubles up as a wristwatch, heart rate monitor, activity tracker and more. This article will discuss all the noteworthy features of the Cellay activity tracker in detail, making it easier for you to decide on your purchase.


The best thing about this device is that it comes in the form of a wristband. At the same time, it is also very lightweight. You will not feel any weight on your wrist even if you wear it all day long. In this regard, it is much more convenient than any other activity tracker available in the market. All you have to do is wear it around your wrist, and the watch automatically takes care of everything else by itself.

The activity tracker comes equipped with some interesting features. It records information with a very high degree of accuracy. You will be able to keep a close track of the total distance you walk each day, along with the total number of steps taken in doing so. It will give you an exact idea about the number of calories you burn each day. You will find it much easier to keep track of your fitness level and whether you need to increase your physical activities during the day.

The device comes equipped with sensors with very high sensitivity. Owing to this, it is capable of capturing even the most subtle movements during both your waking and sleeping hours. So, it can record the total number of hours you spend sleeping each day while also analysing the quality of sleep based on the body movements. If you are not sure whether you are getting enough rest each night, you know where to go next. The better part is that you can also view the comprehensive data for a given period. It can help you keep a better track of your health and wellness.

The watch also has a USB interface set into it. Therefore, it is very easy to charge. You do not have to go through the hassle of carrying power cords. It can be charged almost anywhere, through PCs, laptops, power banks or just about any device which allows for a USB connection. Furthermore, the batteries are long lasting. So, a single charge can easily last you almost a week.
It makes with the Silicone strap. It minimises sweating and increases the durability of the device. Furthermore, this makes the device entirely waterproof. You do not have to protect it from showers. The watch is just perfect to wear anywhere and everywhere.


  • It has a heart rate monitor
  • You can have the band adjusted according to your wrist size
  • Sensitivity sensors record all your daily activities with a high accuracy
  • It records your sleep patterns


  • You are first required to set it up with an app


This activity tracker is very comfortable and can wear by people of all ages. Furthermore, it uses a gender-neutral design, making it perfect for both men as well as women. If you want to keep a better track of your health, you should go for this device.

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