Review of DIGI Young Activity Tracker

If you want to keep a close eye on all your daily activities, then there are some devices to help you along the way. An activity tracker is one of them. These are very easy to use. They come in the form of a watch, but they have integrated with some smart features. This article talks about the DIGI Young Activity Tracker in detail along with its pros and cons.


This activity tracker has an inbuilt heart rate monitor. It is great for casual everyday wear as well as for sports and workouts. You can have it adjusted to 14 different training modes such as dancing, tennis, football, yoga. It allows for a more customised data recording so that you can have more detailed and comprehensive information after completing the given activity.

Even if you are not actively involved in sports and other intense workouts, it still records information such as the distance you cover during the day, the steps included and the total calories burned. It can help you understand your fitness level and make the necessary changes in your lifestyle.

The activity bracelet also monitors the total number of hours you spend sleeping each night. Furthermore, it is senses you motions at night and analyses if you have been getting quality sleep. So, if you have been trying to keep track of your sleeping habits, this activity tracker can help you do it in an entirely effortless manner.

The watch has an inbuilt GPS tracker. By having it connected to your Smartphone, you will be able to track all the places that you have been to during the day. You can also see the total distance you have covered.

We can wear this watch under all weather conditions. It has an IP67 waterproof rating. You do not have to worry if you ever get caught in a shower. Since there is no sweat damage, you can also wear it conveniently during workouts. In fact, you can even wear the watch while swimming.

One of the best features of this device is that it can give you notifications whenever you have an incoming call or a message on your phone. To avoid the loud alarm, you can put it into a vibrate mode. It ensures that you never miss out on a message or a call, even if you are away from your phone. It is not all; you can even set alarms to remind yourself of many important things-to-do along the day. This way, you can stick to your planned schedule without having to overcrowd your brain.


  • It is compatible with some different devices
  • It has a very long lasting battery
  • The battery takes only 1 to 2 hours to get fully charged
  • Features a heart rate monitor
  • Features an inbuilt Bluetooth
  • The device monitors your sleeping patterns
  • It notifies you whenever you receive a message or a call on your phone.
  • It comes with a full warranty of 1 year
  • The customer care service is available 24 by 7


  • One should wear this watch all the times


This activity tracker is very easy to use. It does some things for you in the most effortless manner. Regardless of your age, you can always wear this device to keep track of your health and fitness.

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