Review of HQBEi N5 Activity Tracker

The HQBEi N5 is an all-in-one device with multiple features such as find your phone, pedometer, smart notifications, activity trackers, multi-functional reminder and more integrated into a wristwatch. The band is made of silicone and has an adjustable buckle that gives a firm hold on your wrist. The activity tracker is perfect to be worn by people of all ages.


The watch records your activity metrics throughout the day. It equips with a pedometer that has an accuracy of up to 95%. The self-developed algorithm used in the fitness tracker records information such as total distance covered in a day, the total number of steps taken, active hours and the hours spent sleeping, total calories burnt and so on.

The activity tracker keeps on working without you having to make any adjustments. The watch is excellent for indoor use, especially while training. However, it is also equally suited to outdoor use. In fact, you can wear it all day long to keep a better track on your daily physical activities and fitness level.

The watch comes with various activity modes. Making the right adjustments can give you a customised activity tracking and, therefore, more comprehensive data. It is excellent for monitoring your daily runs and workouts and keeping a check on whether you are doing it the right way. The watch also tracks your sleeping patterns and sleep quality. By analysing the data over a few days, you will easily understand whether you are getting enough rest on a day-to-day basis.

It is also very easy to charge the watch. No power cords are required. The watch has a USB slot built into it, which allows you to charge it through power banks, laptops, PCs or just about anything that allows for a USB connection. It eliminates the need to carry a charger while travelling. It only takes one hour for the battery to get fully charged. Furthermore, a single charge can last you for up to seven days.
You can have your fitness tracker connected to the VeryFitPro app through Bluetooth. This app will, then, send you notifications whenever you have new messages, an incoming call, or notifications from social media platforms such as Whatsapp, LinkedIn, Facebook and so on. You can also set alarms to remind yourself of necessary activities such as medicines, exercises and so on. If you do find the alarm beep annoying and unnecessary, you can set it to silent mode. In this case, it will merely vibrate whenever an alarm goes off.

When it comes to the aesthetic appeal, the watch makes it a very stylish design. You also get replacement bands in different colours at the time of the purchase. Being made out of silicone, these are not only very soft but also very comfortable. It does not put any restrictions as you workout. Furthermore, it stays firmly on your wrist. So, you do not have to adjust it again and again.


  • Inbuilt Bluetooth
  • Compatible with both Android as well as iOS
  • Records all your physical activities throughout the day
  • Monitors your sleep quality and patterns


  • It does not have a heart rate monitor


The HQBEi N5 activity tracker is very comfortable to wear and is suited to people of all ages. It is an effortless way to track your physical fitness and sleep quality. The functions can further expand by connecting it to the VeryFitPro app. It is every bit worth the price you pay for it.

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