Review of Kinbom Heart Rate Monitor Smart Watch

The Kinbom Heart Rate Monitor covers all the functions of a basic watch while also acting as a fitness tracker. It runs in an auto mode, meaning that you do not always have to adjust the settings and keep reminders to track your activities. You can directly go about the day and let the watch do its work.


The watch is an excellent choice if you are looking for a smart gadget to track your day-to-day activities effortlessly. Wherever you go, the watch will always record data with very high accuracy. It has features such as heart rate monitor, step counter, and GPS built into it, which lets you keep track of the total distance covered in a day and the total amount of calories burnt. It can tell how effectively you are training during the workout sessions and whether you need to crank it up a little more. You can set the watch to more than 14 different sport modes depending on whichever is best suited to your fitness regime.

The Kinbom smart watch built with an IP67 waterproof design. It can efficiently resist water for up to 30 minutes at depths of 1 meter. You can, therefore, use it to time yourself while swimming. Apart from that, you also do not have to worry about sweat damage. You can conveniently wear it both during the sun and rain.

The watch has an inbuilt Bluetooth 4.0 connection. It gives fast and steady connection. It allows it to connect wirelessly to Smartphone. The watch can then receive the data straight from your Smartphone and notify you whenever there is a message regarding texts, calls or social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter. So, as long as you are wearing the watch, you will never miss out on anything, even if you cannot engage with your phone. However, this is not all. You can also use the watch to control the media player, camera, phone alarm and a few other apps. It can add a great amount of convenience to your daily life.

You also have nothing to worry when it comes to the app support or charge. The watch has an inbuilt USB, and therefore, we can charge it easily through computers and power bank. It does not take very long for the batteries to get fully loaded. Furthermore, a single charge can last you as long as eight days, sometimes, even more. You can download the “VeryFitPro” app and have it synchronised with the watch. The app will record the data collected through the watch and also expand its tracker function.


  • It helps you monitor all of your daily activities
  • Features an inbuilt heart rate monitor
  • Keeps track of your sleeping habit
  • Receives notifications from the phone
  • 24-hour customer support


  • It is only compatible with Android 4.4 and above and iOS 7.1 and above
  • It should be worn tighter than a regular watch


Overall, the Kinbom smart watch is a great way to keep a check on your daily physical activities and sleep patterns. The watch records all your activities and gives you a comprehensive data on your fitness. Therefore, it is an absolute recommendation for people of all ages and gender.

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